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by Monica Montanari

One of the best things about figure skating is that it’s not a sport that everyone does. Ask the next five people you see if they played soccer at some point in their life. Chances are, they have.

Figure skating is a niche sport that most people forget about until the holidays come around each year and tiny rinks pop up everywhere. That’s probably one of the reasons why figure skaters and their families represent this sport so proudly. We do something that most people can’t, somewhere that most people wouldn’t want to be (aka a giant freezer). But when you get off the ice and don’t want to have to leave skating behind, how can you incorporate your love of skating into your place? Have no fear — we’ve come up with the cutest ways to bring the rink home.


1. Skating Shadow Box

You see shadow boxes made for all these other sports, but why not figure skating? Go to your local craft store, pick up an empty shadow box frame and adorn it with photos from competitions along with their respective medals. If you received flowers, those can be dried and placed in the shadow box as well to add a pop of color and dimension!


The Wooden Skate ~ Sanford Designs on Etsy


2. Skating-Themed Tiered Tray

The day I start doing tiered trays, it’s over for my bank account. But for those of you who’ve already gotten a start, adding some skating elements to your tiered tray(s) can be super easy and cheap! Etsy and Amazon have a bunch of adorable options for mini winter skating signs and cute wooden accent pieces like the skates below!


3. Memory Quilt

Have a collection of shirts from competitions and events that you’ve outgrown? You don’t have to throw them away or let them sit in your closet for the next 20 years! Google “making a quilt from old shirts,” and you’ll find every DIY you could possibly think of as well as some sellers who are willing to put these quilts together for you if you send them the fabrics! Whether you plan to use it for staying warm by the rink or cuddling up on the couch at home, this sweet blanket is the perfect accessory for those who like to keep cozy while paying homage to their favorite memories.


“Gone to the Rink” Sign ~ SportsHomeDecor on Etsy

4. Wooden Sign

Wooden signs are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any place in your home that needs a bit more attention — walls, bookshelves, dressers — you name it! A number of cute figure skating wooden signs that add just a touch of the “ice life” to your home,  without being too overwhelming, are available.


Pastel Skate Stocking ~ DenimMOOSE on Etsy

5. Skating Stocking

With the holidays just around the corner,  festive skate stockings will add some seasonal cheer to your home. Many options are available on sites like Etsy, where you can also have stockings adorned with the names of their lucky owners!

No matter how you decide to bring the rink home, these ideas will be sure to spark up a conversation about the thing you love most and allow you to relive your favorite memories on the ice so far.

A professional figure skating coach in Southern California, Monica Montanari has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Business Administration from Menlo College and a master’s degree in Sport Business Management from The University of Alabama. She is a Certified Master of Choreography through the American Ice Theatre, has earned PSA Category A membership, and is an ISI Gold and Synchro certified judge. When she’s not on the ice, Monica works as a certified paralegal and Etsy shop owner, and she authors her own blog and website,, where she shares insight on skating and creating all sorts of things. You can follow her on Instagram @thecreativecoachmonica

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