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About ISI

The Ice Sports Industry (ISI) is an international industry trade association encompassing all aspects of the ice skating industry. Founded in 1959 as a nonprofit organization for owners, operators and developers of ice skating facilities, ISI also created America’s original learn-to-skate program, now known as ISI Ice Skating Program, and has introduced more than 10 million individuals to the wonderful world of ice skating.


  • Encourages participation in ice skating as a recreational sport.
  • Provides information for the development and construction of ice arenas.
  • Produces trade and educational print and digital publications and literature.
  • Holds an annual educational conference and trade show for arenas managers, skating directors, instructors, and skating industry manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.
  • Provides ice skating programs for skaters of all ages and abilities.
  • Hosts six national recreational skating competitions annually.
  • Organizes consumer shows in conjunction with its recreational skating events.

Whether you’re a beginning skater, skate for fun, teach figure skating or hockey, manage a skating school or skating club, or own or operate an ice arena, the Ice Skating Institute is your chief advocate and top source for leadership, education and services.

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