recreational ice skating
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    • While the events are taking place at the same venue, they are running simultaneously on different sheets of ice.

        • Helyn,

          Please be assured that there is no “crummy ice.” RDV is a world-class facility, and we are excited that they are once again hosting two of our national events. This is only the second year that we have held the two events simultaneously on different sheets of ice at the same venue. Last year, we ran the adult events on the surface that afforded them the most privacy, which was well received. We will most likely follow the same procedure. If you have concerns, please contact Kim Hansen, director of national competitions & skating events, at Khansen@skateisiorg. Also, next year, Adults Champs will be run as a stand-alone event in South Lake Tahoe.

  1. RDV sportsplex ice den is awesome…. other people want to do the holiday event. Including me… stop in and watch⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸❄️⛸

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