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Artistic skating programs emphasize creativity.

Flow & music are important ingredients for a great Artistic program!


Who can do Artistic events?

Artistic events are open to all skaters in ISI Freestyle 1 level and higher. Adults especially enjoy this event since there are no required maneuvers.

Tips for a winning program:

The main emphasis for all Artistic programs is on the creativity and innovative design of a skating program. Strong edges, interesting body positions, flow, music interpretation, rhythm, choreography and artistry should be the main focus of a well-balanced Artistic program.

Do the skating maneuvers you enjoy — and do them well! If you can do something extra special or different from anyone else — and it also fits the music — it will raise your scores into the higher range for the judges.

Artistic skating events are open to all skaters in ISI Freestyle 1 level

The best thing:

The best thing about an Artistic program is the fact that you can create any kind of skating program you like without worrying about having to include any required maneuvers that you might not be able to do well.

Like Spotlight programs, you can keep the same Artistic program for more than one Freestyle test level. You don’t need to get a new program every time your test level changes, so it’s great for your parents, too, if you can reuse the same music and costume for several competitions throughout the year. Of course, with your coach’s help and advice, you can always change the choreography in your routine between competitions.



Maneuver limitations and duration times:

There are no required maneuvers, but there are maneuver limitations:

       Levels                                           Maneuver Limitations                                Duration

Freestyle 1-3/Bronze                Maneuver from Freestyle 4 & below                     1:30

Freestyle 4-5/Silver                   Maneuvers from Freestyle 6 & below                   1:30

Freestyle 6-10/Gold/Platinum                  Any maneuvers                                      2:00

Keep in mind that there is also no score for technical merit, so the difficulty of maneuvers is not judged. Props are not permitted in Artistic events.

Competition event groups:

Since there is no score for technical elements, the competition director may group skaters together by combining levels and genders.

Judging criteria:

Artistic impression, choreography and pattern, innovative moves, music interpretation and rhythm, edges and flow, posture and carriage, duration, and all three judges give a score for general overall.

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