recreational ice skating


St. Louis, Mo.

Home Rink: Wayne C. Kennedy Recreation Complex

About: Blade Brigade, strictly an ISI-affiliated team, was started in 1981 at Wayne C. Kennedy Recreation Complex, the home of the late Boyd Wietecter, who served 35 years with St. Louis County Parks, including 26 years as director of the Wayne C. Kennedy Recreation Complex. The Boyd Wietecter Trophy is awarded to the team that wins the Teen Premier Round at the annual ISI Synchronized Championships.

Blade Brigade’s mission is to provide an environment where skaters of all skill levels and ages may reach their skating goals and compete with good sportsmanship while encouraging the development of teamwork, self-confidence, dedication, trust and friendships, which will help skaters succeed on and off the ice.

Coaches: Niki Hrebec and Mandy Paluczak

Team Colors: Black, red, white


2022-23 Team Program Theme:

Blade Brigade Basic Synchronized Skating Team

Basic – Hocus Pocus



Blade Brigade Jr. Basic Synchronized Skating Team

Jr. Basic – Pirates


Blade Brigade Silver Synchronized Skating Team

Silver – Space



Blade Brigade Sterling Synchronized Skating Team

Sterling – Salute


Blade Brigade Butterflies Synchronized Skating Team

Blade Brigade Butterflies – Butterflies, Metamorphosis


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