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This festive wreath is one that you can keep up all winter long! A huge thanks to ISI skater Michelle Doyle for creating this fun activity for our readers.


For a festive ISI touch, add Flip to your wreath!


ISI Skater and Crafter Michelle Doyle shows off her beautiful wreath.





  • 18″ foam wreath
  • Boot socks
  • An old pair of skates (thrift stores are great places to find cheap skates!)
  • Modge Podge (We used gloss — the sparkly version would look great!)
  • White glitter (there are a lot of “snow” products in the craft shops – Diamond Dust is probably best.)
  • Foam snowflake stickers
  • Several yards of ribbon
  • Decorative evergreen branch
  • Wooden penguin ornament (optional)
  • Straight pins


  1. Clean the skates (We used toothpaste to clean spots that were difficult to remove with soap.)
  2. Cover work area in newspaper.
  3. Apply Modge Podge to parts of skates where you want “snow” — toes, blades, etc.


  1. Sprinkle glitter on wet Modge Podge; let dry thoroughly.
  2. Shake excess glitter onto newspaper.


  1. Cut toes off boot socks; cut along length of socks to open and lay socks flat.pinning
  2. Wrap sock around wreath and secure with straight pins. Start second sock to match “top” ends. If socks are too long, you can trim the “toe” ends so the ends meet neatly. We set the toe ends to meet at the top of the wreath so they would be covered by the bow.


  1. Leaving 18”-24″ loose ribbon at top, and starting from the top, wrap wreath in decorative ribbon. When you reach the top again, tie a big bow.
  2. Tuck evergreen branch into ribbon. Add glittery snowflakes.



  1. If using, color your penguin ornament with magic markers or paint.


  1. Tie skate laces with staggered length — measure against wreath so they fall where you want them.


  1. Hang skates over wreath.


  1. Add penguin ornament.

Hang and enjoy!


Michelle Doyle is an ISI Freestyle 3 skater at Troubh Ice Arena in Portland, Maine. She has been skating for six years. When not skating in the “fantastic adult program” and “supportive community” at the rink, she can be found baking treats for the coaches, enjoying the Maine outdoors and traveling far and wide.



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