recreational ice skating

Skaters often say, "I feel nervous," when, in fact, they really mean, "I feel adrenaline coursing through my body." Calm your nerves — not your excitement!


by Kim Hansen


Every ice skater who participates in Ice Sports Industry (ISI) competitions knows that they are fun. There are events for everyone. Skaters who like to do footwork can do an entire event of that. Those who enjoy theatrical performing can do a Solo or Couple Spotlight, Ensemble or Production programs. There are also Rhythmic events, Interpretive events, technical events and non-technical events. There is simple something for everyone — and that is fun!

But just because ISI is fun doesn’t mean that it isn’t competitive. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to travel across the United States to skate in an ISI national event and not feel some anxiety about wanting to perform and compete at your best. After all, a program is a program.

If, for example, you are skating an Open Freestyle program, you might just be doing that same program again a few weeks later at one of your local club events. Should you approach this differently? Isn’t this just a