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My Coach Rocks

Does your ISI coach rock? Please send a short essay (about 125 words) telling us why, along with a photo, to We’ll post it here. Please include name, age and home rink. Note: Essays must be composed by skaters (not their parents). Skaters and coaches must be current ISI members.

My Coach Rocks!

Does your ISI coach rock? Please send a short essay (about 75 words or less) telling us why, along with a high-resolution photo, to ...
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My coach’s name is Tiesha DiMaggio, and she just got done with fighting cancer. She is the best coach I could ever ask ...
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Yulia Borissova

My coach, Yulia Borissova,  rocks, because she will do anything for her skaters. She even picks up some of her students from school ...
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Nick Traxler & Dawn Bennett

My coaches, Nick Traxler and Dawn Bennett, rock! They have brought me, technically and creatively, to Freestyle 1 with tons of encouragement and ...
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I know that every skater thinks their coach is the best. However, I'm about to prove why I have the greatest coach ever! My ...
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My letter to the best coach, Miss Brianna - You are very kind, happy, very smart and my best friend. I got two ...
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My coach, Ms. Molly Skane, rocks because she is not only a funny and nice coach, but she also pushes you to be ...
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My coach, Rachelle Johnson, rocks! She really helps me reach my goals and skate my best! Rachelle is one of the kindest people I ...
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Everyone believes their coach is the best and I am no different. Pam continues to push me to be the best I can be ...
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My sister and I share the BEST coach EVER! Her name is Alyssa Genau. My name is Eden and my sister's name is Aria ...
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