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These penguin pals are adorable and can be made from plastic bottles you have on hand.

Thanks to Lauren English, pictured, for creating the cute penguins featured in this article. Lauren, 12, is an FS 4 skater who skates at Joliet Park District — Inwood Ice Arena in Joliet, Ill. When not on the ice, she loves to bake and create art.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  • 2 empty plastic bottles of the same size
  • Acrylic Paint (Black, White, Orange and Other Colors of Your Choice)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Pom-poms
  • Fabric Strip for Scarf
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  1. Wash the bottles inside and out and drain the water. The bottles must be completely dry before you begin.


  1. Cut the first bottle, separating the bottom. Cut the second bottle in half. Use only the bottom of the first bottle and the half of the second bottle (the piece with the bottom included).


  1. Attach the two plastic parts together. The larger part must fit in the smaller part, more or less 0.5 to 1 inch. Once attached, press the bigger part down and put a drop of glue between the pieces.


  1. Paint the belly with white paint. Then, paint the body of the penguin in black. Let dry. If necessary, go over the belly with white paint again.


  1. Choose your favorite color and paint the penguin hat. Use your imagination and creativity to decorate the hat. Now paint the eyes and beak for the mouth.
  1. Glue the pom poms on the top of the penguin hat. Take a strip of fabric, wrap it around the penguin neck and tie a knot to make the scarf.


  1. Show off your creation! Send photos to

Note: You can use different sizes of plastic bottles to make a penguin family.




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