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by Randy Winship

What are your plans for the summer? Will you go to the beach? Are you planning a family vacation (to California, of course, for ISI World Recreational Team Championships, July 25-28)? Or will you stay home and enjoy the “coolest place in town” — your local ice rink?

Whatever you do, at least keep skating in your brain — and in your body, too! If you are not able to skate while you are on vacation, try practicing your jumps on the ground. It can be a great way to train your brain and body to work together, without the glide on the ice.

ice skating books to read during summer

Do you like to read? Then head over to your local library and check out some skating books. You can read about skating history or famous skater biographies, and there are some great skating theory books, too. If you prefer to stay indoors at home, out of the summer heat, you can watch some great skating videos or movies online.

After your body and brain are primed, then you can focus your mind to think of some new programs for the coming skating season. What new music would you like to skate to? Would that music fit best for a Freestyle program, or maybe Artistic or even a Footwork event? What color should your next costume be? Can you use a current costume and change it by adding a vest, hat or other accessory? Do you have an idea for a new program?

If you are on the ice, summer is a great time to set your skating goals and expand your boundaries. It’s not endless hours of lessons that will help you improve your skating skill, it’s the many hours you spend practicing perfecting your maneuvers.

Practice doesn’t have to be boring. Skate with your friend and help each other improve a jump or spin. After your warm-up, make up an interpretive program routine to the public session music. Let your friend “judge” your performance. The greater the variety of music you practice with, the wider range of skating you can do when you hear that competition interpretive music selection.

Summer is here, so set some goals, have a plan — and have fun!

Randy Winship is a longtime ISI coach, competition director, referee, and member of the ISI skating program and judging committee.

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