recreational ice skating

by Kim Hansen

With the introduction of Theatrical Challenge, ISI’s first national competition on show ice with full theatrical lighting, skaters now have the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of show skating! Participating skaters will step onto the ice from behind a show curtain with full spotlights on them.

The ISI Theatrical Challenge will take place Oct. 5-7 at the historic Ice Chalet in Knoxville, Tenn. (Registration closed in August.)

The competition will be limited to non-technical events, such as Artistic, Ensemble, Footwork, Kaleidoskate, Pattern, Rhythmic, Spotlights (both solo and couples) and Small Production. The ice will be configured into a three-side show set with the judges on one side and the audience on the other and in bleachers on the end with the main curtain opposite end.  The performance area will be 114 feet long and 62 feet wide; 21 feet behind the curtain will allow for a small pre-performance warm up.  As with any regular event, full warm ups will utilize the entire show surface.

This year’s theme is “Hooray for Hollywood” and any spotlights and productions selected for “Themed” category should be a tribute to Hollywood glitz and glamour.

The Ice Chalet, a 50-plus year ISI-member rink, is uniquely qualified to host the event, because it boasts a set of traditional can lights as well as multiple rows of modern computer controlled LED lights. In addition, the rink’s staff and volunteers have been putting on shows for the community for years and just this past December, presented their 30th annual “Nutcracker on Ice.”

Ice Chalet has also been the host of the ProSkaters Performance Camp and Auditions since 2013. This is a remarkable event in which skaters from across the country are offered an educational and networking opportunity within the show skating community. They not only receive valuable feedback from the many show producers in attendance but they also audition for potential roles. The experience of hosting this prestigious event annually has the rink fine-tuned and ready to share its love of the ice show arts with all of you!

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