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It's all about Teamwork in ISI Skating and in life! It's about Teamwork in ISI ice skating

You’re always part of a team in Ice Sports Industry (ISI) skating, since rink teams are the foundation of all ISI competitions. When you compete in any ISI competition, you earn participation points and placement points for your rink team. The more points that skaters from your facility accumulate, the greater your team’s chance of becoming the overall team champion for the event.

In addition to your rink team, perhaps you skate on a synchronized or production team, or in a Team Compulsory or Family Spotlight event. It’s about teamwork in skating — and in life — and when you work well with others, you gain the tools for success.


It's all about Teamwork in ISI ice skating! 


  • Communication — Open communication with team members/Learn to listen to coach and other team members.
  • Cooperation — Help team members and work together.
  • Trust — A common goal is necessary for success.


  • Goal Setting — Long- and short-term goals/Group and individual goals.
  • Persistence — Come to practice ready to work/Always give your best effort.
  • Commitment — Participate in goal setting/Focus on task.


  • Positive — Maintain positive attitude for maximum success.
  • Enjoyment — Remember why you chose to participate/Focus on process.
  • Sportsmanship — Be a good sport/Give and take with team members.

Mental Skills

  • Imagery — Mental practice
  • Relaxation — Progressive relaxation and centering
  • Positive self-talk — Verbal cues/Stop negative thoughts

Teamwork in ISI skating



Established in 1959, the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) — creator of America’s first learn-to-skate curriculum — is an international trade association encompassing all aspects of the ice sports industry. Our goal is to promote ice skating as a participant sport and recreational activity for everyone — all ages and abilities. For more information, visit

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