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One of the key elements of ISI competitions is the fact that every skater earns points for his or her rink team, both for participation and for placement. This unique factor helps to create team spirit within the rink and among the skaters, which adds another dimension to the sense of accomplishment for everyone.

Team points are accumulated for all events — solo, couples and group — but several group events are given a higher weight in points due to their need for advance planning, additional ice requirements and, in some cases, level-specific skaters. These events receive 25 points for first place as opposed to the five that are normally awarded.

One such event is Team Compulsory. This is a great event for skaters of similar ability who would like to do something together that is fun and creative as well as judged technically. The key to this event is finding six or seven skaters (depending on the level) who are able to demonstrate the required maneuvers from a specific Freestyle level.

For example, if your rink wants to do a FS 4 Team Compulsory, you would need to have six skaters who are able to perform one of the following: flip jump, loop jump, sit spin, half-loop jump, two backward arabesques and dance step.

None of the skaters could be tested higher than FS 4; however, it would be fine for a skater of a lower level to participate on that team provided they can perform one of the elements.

The program should focus on presenting each of the required moves in an accomplished manner; there is lots of room for creativity. A recognizable theme is strongly encouraged to set this program apart — know your audience (or judges in this case). Costumes are encouraged if they add to the performance, and props are allowed as long as there is no additional setup time. Keep in mind that props should be purposeful and handheld props are allowed.

Your music should match the costumes and the choreography. Don’t make the judges guess what is going on during your program.

The program should be no longer than 3:30 and the maneuvers must be presented in the order they are listed in The ISI Handbook.

So, if your rink team wants to rack up some great points and have a little fun in the process, get a group together and start planning your number now for your next competition. It’s not only a fun way to skate with your friends and show off your skills, it can mean a big trophy at the end of the day!

Judging Criteria

Maneuver 1-6 (or 7 if applicable), Correctness, Pattern, Rhythm, Team Posture & Presentation, Duration, General Overall.


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