recreational ice skating
Competitors’ Corner
Recreational skaters flocked to RDV Sportsplex to participate in the 2021 ISI Spring Classic Ice Skating Competition.

2021 ISI Spring Classic Ice Skating Competition Photos

Thank you to Gabriele Photography for the following professional photos of the 2021 ISI Spring Classic Ice Skating Competition, held ...
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Ready to Compete in a Figure Skating Competition?

  ISI national competitions are open to skaters of all ages and all skills from across the country and world! Based ...
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Do’s and Don’ts for Figure Skaters Getting Back on the Ice

by Monica Montanari “This used to be my warm up, and now it’s my nightmare.” Sound familiar? Whether you’ve taken a ...
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The New Norm: 2021 Rink Etiquette

by Monica Montanari As a coach, it’s terrifying. As a skater, it’s terrifying. As a parent, I can only imagine ...
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ABCs of Jump Landings: Alignment, Balance, Control

by Stephanie Siclari As with most things in life, a strong foundation is a key component for success. It is ...
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State of Mind

by Dodie Bova If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think that you dare not, you don't ...
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The Most Important Muscle You Don’t Know About!

by Ethan Burgess You’ve heard of the calf muscle, but chances are it’s probably not high on your list of ...
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Building an Effective Off-Ice Strength & Conditioning Plan

by Ethan Burgess Your body is a complex machine that needs a variety of different training methods to perform at ...
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No Ice? Practice Outdoors on Wheels!

by Bev Thurber Now that everything’s closed because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the parks and parking lots are wide ...
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Preparing for a Figure Skating Competition

You are all set to compete in your first competition. You have spent countless hours practicing your program and all ...
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