recreational ice skating

by Bev Thurber

Now that everything’s closed because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the parks and parking lots are wide open! Since there’s no ice to be had, I like to put on my rollerblades (inline skates) and skate outside. Here are a few of my favorite exercises: (You can also perform these exercises using artistic inline skates, such as Pic skates, or quad roller skates.)

Stroking Uphill: This is a great leg workout! The steeper the hill, the harder it is to skate up. Be sure to practice the lovely posture and extension you learned on the ice.

Power Circles:You start out doing slow crossovers in a small circle, then gradually increase both your speed and the size of the circle as you spiral outward. I like doing them in a big open parking lot because I can get going really fast, and there are no walls to worry about as there are in a rink.

The next few exercises involve a line of small cones. They’re based on freestyle slalom skating, a type of competitive skating done on rollerblades. Slalomers weave through lines of cones in creative ways. I like this type of skating because it doesn’t try to imitate ice skating. When I’ve tried to do figure skating moves on artistic inline skates, I’ve been