recreational ice skating


Preparing for a Figure Skating Competition

You are all set to compete in your first competition. You have spent countless hours practicing your program and all of the elements in it. On the day of your event, you arrive at the rink and hear people calling your name. Your coach rushes up to you, tells you that your event is taking the ice at this very minute, and you need to get your skates on right away. Panic sets in. You do not have your skating outfit on yet, your hair is a mess, and oh no — you only have one skate in your bag!


Does this sound like a bad dream? Why put in all that time training when you are completely unprepared for the event itself? Here is a checklist that will help you prepare for success and keep your competition dreams from becoming nightmares.



  • Pack the Essentials. You won’t believe how many competitors arrive at competitions without their skates or outfits. It is wise to have them together and ready the night before.
  • Don’t Forget