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Ready to Compete in a Figure Skating Competition?  Ready to compete in a figure skating competition?

ISI national competitions are open to skaters of all ages and all skills from across the country and world!

Based on the philosophy of “participation, not elimination,” ISI competitions offer a variety of individual and team events so no skater is left out!

Are you ready to compete with ISI?

Ready to compete in a figure skating competition?


If you answer YES to 10 or more of the following questions, your positive attitude will enable you to compete, enjoy yourself and have fun:


  1. Is skating fun for you?


  1. Do you want to be the first one on the ice and the last one to leave?


  1. Do you love your skating lessons so much you wouldn’t want to miss even one?


  1. Do you like to show people what you’ve learned in skating?


  1. Are your friends skaters?


  1. If you’re part of a skating team, are you supportive and helpful to your teammates?


  1. Is skating what you want to do with your free time?


  1. Can you handle your other responsibilities/homework along with your skating lessons and practice sessions?


  1. Are you confident about your skating?


  1. Do you feel good when you’re on the ice?


  1. Are you comfortable on the ice with an audience?


  1. Do you like to practice, even on your own?


  1. Does the idea of being on the ice in front of a crowd excite you?


  1. Do you frequently talk, write and/or dream about skating?


If you’re ready to Compete with ISI, ask your coach about local ISI-endorsed competitions and ISI national competitions, both of which provide rewarding experiences in a FUN environment!

  Ready to compete in a figure skating competition? You can with ISI!


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